Thursday, February 11, 2016


anyone know how to describe it?
anyone have their own description of life
but no one will understood the meanings of LIFE in yourself

Alhamdullillah 6 years had pass
a scroll had be mine
but LIFE?
isn't what I'm expected

my mission is to make my family happy
but unfortunately others misunderstanding it
for them what  had achieve have to shared

I'm not asking them to thank
I'm not asking to grieve me like I'm God
I just want to be appreciate 

Most of people near to me because they think they can get what they want
that after everything the achieve I'm just a traveller
who paid all the bill & so on

This is LIFE
you rich people will come to you
but if you falls down
no one will hold your hand

I love to be alone
Coz this is the way I'll see people
who they are & who should be with me

don't expect its could be perfect
becoz human is always a human
they can't see others to be happy

kita hanya mampu tersenyum walaupun di sebalik senyuman itu tersimpan seribu masalah kerana setiap penderitaan adalah milik kita. bukan untuk di kongsi bersama. Umur juga memainkan peranan. Not everyone will suite them self into your age

SMILE! Thankz for reading =)